Next's creative team is made of talented artists in the field of production.

The team specializes in Content creation for all media channels, films and for prestigious events in Israel and abroad.

Filmmakers, Writers, copywriters, cameramen , content editors, producers,  and directors, are all from the first class of creators.

 Meet the Team 

טליה סולאן 

Talya Solan

An outstanding graduate of the faculty of Arts at Tel Aviv univ. A researcher and content editor. An entrepreneur for musical projects

roni kalderon

Roni Kalderon

Senior film and Tv series cinematographer. Has vast experience in the industry. Photographed for National Geographic, CBS,ABC, and all the channels in Israel,  public and commercials.

שמואל כורזים

Sam korazim

MA, from Boston univ. A highly experienced TV journalist, News Manager, Docu & Sport. A senior content editor. Managed and established international channels and programs.

אבישי גולדשטיין

Avishai Goldshtein

Film director & CEO

A visionary and experienced creative director, who is also Nextv's CEO. Avishai produced and directed numerous special TV shows, Documentary films, Stage performances, Multimedia presentations, and some special events across the globe.

Avishai is a content advisor for Kan digital and Kan educational TV channel. 

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