We are a content and production company that specialises in Films, Television, Performing Arts, Live Events , Movies, and Social Media Content.
The company provides professional consulting services .

Nextv integrates creative concept development and  superior production skills,

with state of the art technologies. 


Story telling 

through  video productions.

Movies & Tv

Various types of TV series including dramas and comedies,  Documentary films, viral videos and animated productions.

NEXTV can advise and manage all aspects of the project from script writing to production and final release. 

Tv shows

NEXTV has vast experience in TV productions. The company has produced some of Israel's most successful and highly rated shows.

We possess the knowledge and experience in producing studio programs, as well as outdoor productions. Our team of talented professionals has extensive experience in the creation and making of top quality TV productions.

New media

NEXTV team is currently working on developing new formats and content for Digital platforms. The team works tirelessly to initiate innovative projects for the web. 

Our accumulated knowledge in television, movies, graphics and animation contributes to developing groundbreaking online new media.


Our skilled and creative crew is committed to delivering flawless service throughout the entire production from the first step of concept development. The crew will provide content, creativity, directing and production solutions.
NEXTV supplies solutions for on-stage performances: artists, actors, musicians, dance performers, hosts, scripts, directors and movies.We integrate concept development, design and production skills with state of the art technologies. 



    Bringing the right people together to make Beautiful Ideas happen






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